Husband and Wife's Beautiful Photo Shoot Becomes An Epic Reveal

For a couple trying to have a baby, few things can be more devastating than continually trying, but never succeeding. Some couples will try for years, exhausting all options before they either give up or move on.

Eric and Kellyn Wilkes had been trying to get pregnant for over 9 months, and weren't having much success. They hadn't given up trying when Kellyn found out that she had in fact conceived. She decided that she would keep the secret from him, but only for one day. She decided to set him up with an epic surprise.

Kellyn asked her best friend to help her set up Eric. Callie Beale quickly agreed, and they put their plan into motion.

Kellyn told Eric that they were going to do a photo shoot to celebrate their first year of being a married couple, and Eric still had no idea what was truly in store for him that day.

Here was a the plan: Callie would ask the couple to each write a word that described their own feelings toward their relationship. Eric went first, writing "Fulfilled" as his response, which I might add, is a pretty good answer to that question.

This is where the plan really got going...

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