GOP Congressional Nominee Posts Fat-Shaming Video on His Facebook

It will never make sense to me why people are worried about OTHER PEOPLES weights/sizes. As a person who has been on both ends of the weight loss scale, your weight is just that. Your weight. Not your smarts, not your personality, not anything. Just how much your body including fat, water, muscle etcetera weighs. 

This guy, Scott Walker, who is a Republican Delaware congressional  candidate, decided it was a good idea to post this video to Facebook to essentially shame a plus sized model, who really doesn't look all that plus size to me. Essentially in his video, he feels the need to post in protest of what he calls a  "very, very obese," model. Probably the funniest part of his silly video is that he claims the  photo is discriminatory AGAINST women because it essentially makes it seem ok to live in an unhealthy way. He's concerned and has felt the need to defend himself because obesity is a serious health issue. 

He defended his comments last week during an interview where he said two years ago he was obese, which he claimed  would've cost him his victory in this year's primary had he not changed  his lifestyle.

That's wonderful for him, but I don't think gives him the right to comment on EVERYONE'S weight.

More on this story here: IJR

Here's the video:

Look, I'm all for a  healthy lifestyle, but not body shaming people into doing it. I think perhaps Scott Walker should worry more about his own health and doing a good job as a GOP Congressional Nominee, than to worry about how others live.

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