Woman Sells Knick Knacks Made From Moose Poop

I realize there is a market for just about anything and everything, but poo may be drawing the line. 

This lady, Mary Winchenbach, takes moose droppings and makes them into all sorts of items including ornaments and people. 

The interview is hysterical but she's so stone-faced and serious about it. Here is some of what she has to say about her moose poo profession:

"The turds are all local," she said to WABI.  "We just go out and track the moose and wherever the moose are they're going to take a crap and I have found that when a moose takes a dump you walk about 50 yards in any direction and they take another dump."

You can't make this stuff up. Watch her interview and see some of her poo creations below!

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