Couple's Toilet Explodes After Being Hit By Lightening!

It's official... I'm NEVER using the bathroom during a storm again! LOL!

A Florida couple was laying in bed over the weekend when all of a sudden it sounded as if something exploded. And that's because something DID explode! Their TOILET!

Lightning had struck their septic tank and that caused the bathroom pipes and toilet to explode. Officials say the reason for the explosion had to do with the buildup of methane gas in the pipes.

Over time, as people use their bathroom, methane gas builds up as the septic tank is filled. The lightning was the perfect source of ignition.

The couple says the explosion was so loud it scared them half to death. Thankfully nobody was hurt but their bathroom is obliterated. 

The plumbing company called to help fix it, posted on Facebook that the toilet exploded in the master bathroom, "sending porcelain airborne like a missile." The porcelain of the toilet actually penetrated the wall. Even some of the windows got blown out. 

The plumbing company said that in 40 years of being in business they've never seen anything like this. They also recommend that people don't use the toilet during a thunderstorm.

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