Jon Pardi Opens Up About New Album 'Heartache Medication' And Upcoming Tour

Jon Pardi Opens Up About New Album 'Heartache Medication' And Upcoming Tour

Jon Pardi Opens Up About New Album 'Heartache Medication' And Upcoming Tour

Jon Pardi celebrated his new album, Heartache Medication with an iHeartCountry Album Release Party in New York City on Thursday (September 26) hosted by Bobby Bones. Performing a few of his past hits and songs off his new 14-track album, Pardi gave a small group of lucky fans a listening party to remember.

First up for the evening was Pardi's 2016 hit, "Head Over Boots," followed by the new album's title-track, "Heartache Medication." The country singer describes the track as a good go-to for "a little dancin', a little singin', a little drinkin' and having a good time," adding, "I feel like the whole record kind of picks you up if you're feeling down, or if you just want to have a good time with some of your best buddies."

Pardi continues on to explain what style fans can expect on the new album, compared to previous albums like California Sunrise, which gave a mix of traditional and modern country sounds. "It's got a lot more traditional sounds but it's also got a lot of just rockin' songs too," Pardi says of Heartache Medication. "I love mixing and blending traditional country because it brings out into a form that nobody's heard before, but they've heard before, if you know what I mean."

Pardi then transitioned into the fan-favorite, "Heartache On The Dance Floor" followed by his new, laid-back tune called "Tequila Little Time." The feel-good song was co-written by Pardi alongside Rhett Akins and Luke Laird in under an hour with tequila on their mind. Next on the set was a Pardi "classic," from 2016, "Dirt On My Boots" followed by a new song, "Me And Jack."

Jon Pardi Performs "Heartache Medication"
Jon Pardi Performs "Tequila Little Time"
Jon Pardi Performs "Work On My Boots"

Next up, it was time for a classic country cover of the one and only, George Strait. "We're gonna do a song that you probably really haven't heard that much because it's an old George Strait song that some people may not know because it's just a little older," Pardi explains. "It's probably the only George Strait song that's been sung about a town in California, which is my home state." He adds, "It's a beautiful song," before diving into his rendition of “Marina Del Rey."

Pardi wrapped up the listening party with "When I've Been Drinkin'" followed by a brand-new song, “Tied One On." He concluded the night with the fifth single released from his California Sunrise album, "Night Shift."

In promotion of his new album, Pardi is set to hit the road for his "Heartache Medication Tour" featuring special guest,Riley Green. The tour will kick off next week on October 1st and 2nd with two back-to-back sold out shows at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium. "We're playing a lot longer than usual," Pardi reveals about the upcoming tour. "Usually we're opening up for somebody, so we'll actually have maybe an 80 minute set. We're gonna play a lot of songs from the first record to California Sunrise, and a lot of songs from the new record, Heartache Medication."

Stay tuned for Pardi's highly anticipated, third studio album, Heartache Medication dropping tomorrow, September 27.

iHeartRadio LIVE with Jon Pardi Set List:

  1. “Head Over Boots”
  2. “Heartache Medication”
  3. “Tequila Little Time”
  4. “Dirt On My Boots”
  5. “Me and Jack”
  6. “Marina Del Rey”
  7. “When I’ve Been Drinkin”
  8. “Tied One On”
  9. “Night Shift”

Photo: Rachel Kaplan for iHeartRadio

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