How Much Should You Be Tipping? This List Has Some People Saying, "No Way!"

How much do you tip? And are you tipping everyone you should be giving a little extra cash to?

According to The Cut, people are tipping more than ever... But not everyone is happy about it.

They published 140 new etiquette rules that cover everything from tipping to going out with friends and how to deal with co-workers and lovers.

We'll focus on how much they say you should be tipping service workers you come into contact with.

  • Restaurants - 25%
  • Coffee shops, coffee carts, cafes, bodegas - 20%
  • Food delivery - 20%
  • Picking up a takeout - 10%
  • At a bar - $1 per drink, 20% for a cocktail
  • At a food counter or deli - 10%
  • Uber drivers - 20%
  • Everything else - 20%

How does this compare to how you tip?

Source: Daily Mail

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