Americans Pick Their Most-Trusted Brands

Do you have certain stores or brands that you love so much you’d be more than happy to recommend them to friends and family? Well, a lot of people do, and a new poll reveals which brands are most likely to get that seal of approval from the public. 

  • YouGov just came out with their BrandIndex’s positive Recommend score.
  • It measures the percentage of a brand’s customers who would recommend it to a friend or colleague.
  • Over the past year two supermarket brands easily earn top honors on the list – Trader Joe’s and Aldi.
  • Both stores earned scores of 89.6, over three points higher than number three on the list REI.

Top 10 Most Recommended Brands

  1. Aldi & Trader Joe’s
  2. REI
  3. Texas Roadhouse
  4. USAA
  5. John Deere
  6. Nintendo
  7. Centrum
  8. Alka-Seltzer
  9. Subaru
  10. Bass Pro Shops

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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