Get a look inside the Veterans suicide prevention center in Canandaigua.

As we approach Labor Day weekend, looking forward to a celebration of life and summer fun with family and friends, there are some amongst us who aren't sharing in the joy.

Our veterans have sacrificed so much for us over the years, and some struggle everyday to overcome their nightmares from when they fought for US.

Just up the street is a sacred place known as the Canandaigua Veteran's Medical Center. I grew up riding my bike on this beautiful campus in my hometown when my Marine dad was the city Mayor.

In 2007, a suicide prevention call center was added as a valuable tool to help our heroes. It has put up staggering numbers ever since.

The center has received over 3.5 million calls from all over the country, averaging about 1700 per day ever since opening. About 20 vets commit suicide everyday. That's over 7000 a year.

Please go back and read those stats one more time.

That is far too many men and women who are still suffering from scars attained while volunteering to support our country..

This week CBS News profiled the all-important work being done here in the Finger Lakes by vets like Terrance Davis, who served time in the US Navy before accepting this daunting task of helping his fellow comrades.

God bless those like Terrance who do this incredible work at the VA in Canandaigua, and bless all heroes like him who we wish peace and good health to on Labor Day weekend.

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