Ohio Man Attacks MSNBC Reporter on the Beach in Gulfport During Broadcast

MSNBC reporter Shaquille Brewster was in the middle of a live broadcast from the beach in Gulfport the morning after Hurricane Ida.

During his report, a man pulled up in a white pickup and jumped out, running toward Brewster and his crew, shouting something about reporting "accurately." Brewster quickly tossed it back to anchor Craig Melvin, who later came back and told viewers that Brewster was ok. He added, "This guy who nearly attacked him clearly is not."

A lot of people, including reporters along the Gulf Coast, shared photos and video, hoping to identify the man who accosted the reporter.

Gulfport Police have identified him as Benjamin Dagley of Ohio, who is currently on probation from other charges. He's wanted in Gulfport for assault, disturbing the peace and violating curfew.

Dagley apparently fled Mississippi after the incident.

Photo: Gulfport Police Department/ MSNBC

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